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Well, here you are, pregnant with twins (or just one), and everyone you know is pushing their thoughts on how your pregnancy should be going or how you should be parenting. Instead of trying to sort through all of that madness, we decided to take to a handful of twin pregnancy books to become better informed on the journey we were about to embark on.

Even if you’re busy or haven’t read in a while, many parenting books are fairly easy to digest. We keep ours on our bedside tables and read a handful of pages each night from the books that have seemed most helpful. Personally, The Expectant Father, which lays out what you can expect month-by-month from your partner, the babies, and yourself as a father. It’s been surprisingly helpful for preparing us for things we wouldn’t have predicted and made managing the emotional ups and downs of becoming parents much easier. (overall though, it’s been a very positive ride!)

For Momspecting, she’s been taking in a considerable amount of material, especially because we’re having twins. There are lots of tasks, such as breastfeeding and nutrition, that at first glace seem nearly impossible to handle with two. But, with the help of some of the books she’s been reading, those tasks seem much more manageable than they first seemed. At the very least, they now seem possible, ha!

There’s no perfect recommendation for twin pregnancy books. From what we’ve experienced, everyone’s pregnancy is a little bit different, and the amount of knowledge they come to the table with and the amount of knowledge they’d like to learn varies. We encourage you to take a look at the list we’ve come up with, and choose the books that fall in line with what you feel like you need to learn and what you think you’d find most helpful. There will be plenty to worry over as you prepare for you twins, what to read shouldn’t be one of them!

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