What to Twinspect

Congrats on expecting twins! You’ve probably heard a lot about pregnancy symptoms at one point or another. Many of them are true no matter how many babies you’re having, but when it comes to having twins, there are a few moments you’re going to have that are entirely unique to having twins!

We’ve decided to put together a trimester-by-trimester breakdown of what you might experience during your twin pregnancy. Obviously, every pregnancy is different, but thankfully, ours has been very healthy, and from what our doctor has expressed, we’ve had a very normal experience; which is great news for the information we can provide to our readers!

First Trimester

From finding out you’re expecting twins to morning sickness to learning about Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, you’ll learn a lot of universal facts about pregnancies, but also some unique aspects of having twins! You’ll be searching for the right doctor, as well as figuring out what hospital works best for you. You may feel a bit overwhelmed, but we found it’s best to take it one step at a time. The birth of your children may feel fast approaching, but trust us, it’s LONG 9 months. (don’t slack though!)

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Second Trimester

During this trimester, both you and your babies will be starting to grow quite a bit! You’ll be learning about how to prevent stretchmarks, what gestational diabetes is (not as scary as it sounds), and will begin to start feeling movements from your little crew! It’s an exciting month when the pregnancy becomes more and more real for both Mom and Dad.

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Third Trimester

Your little ones are almost here! Mom, you’ll be feeling a little more uncomfortable than you probably expected. Two babies winds up being A LOT of baby to carry around. But whether you think or not, you’ve been doing an amazing job so far, and your little ones are getting healthier and healthier by the day.

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