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Unlike some fairy tale pregnancy stories – where it seems like everything was planned perfectly, our story is a little different. We’d thought we’d share a bit more about Twinspecting, and how our pregnancy caught us by surprise, but turned out to be a great blessing for both of us in more ways than we could have imagined.

Let’s start with Momspecting’s side of the story:

Somehow, my cat knew before I did. This angelic and rather strange kitty has always slept on my stomach when I’m on my period. But one day, out of nowhere, when I was definitely not on my period, she started sleeping on my stomach. It seemed a little odd, but it turns out that was about three days after I conceived! She didn’t stop sleeping on my belly until I got too big and made her move. But this isn’t a story about how my cat found out I was pregnant, it’s about how Dadspecting and I did!

Some people feel nauseous and notice their period is late, so they take a test. Others desperately want to be pregnant and have been taking a test every other day for weeks or months or years. For me, I was at a country cabin for a friend’s birthday when I slept through ten people singing karaoke in the room next to mine… and stayed asleep for almost fourteen hours. Dadspecting and I had a couple hours’ drive to get back home, and I spent most of it rolling the sleepiness around in my mind, wondering how I was going to tell him my period was late. So instead of telling him my suspicion right away, I just told him my period was late and I would take a test the next morning. He was slightly overwhelmed (understandably), quiet, and a little distant as I left.

The next day Dadspecting sent me a text that said, “Sorry I was weird last night. If this is what life is sending our way, we’ll figure it out.” Which, obviously, was a relief.

I was nervous to take the test, but later that evening I gave Dadspecting the heads up that I was going to take one and asked if he wanted to know right away (he did). I took the test, held my breath for a moment, and it turned up positive!

I sent Dadspecting an image and he immediately called me. We were both laughing a bit at this strange turn in our lives, but had a great talk and both agreed we trusted each other on this new adventure.

I was so happy that when I got to work the next morning, I couldn’t hide my smiles. A colleague took one look at my face and guessed!

I suppose it’s obvious from this that Dadspecting and I were surprised and that we were rather early in our relationship for all this. Well, we were! But we were in love, we knew what we wanted, and both of us were in the mindset that, if we met the right person, having kids wouldn’t be a bad idea in the next couple years. (Also, it turns out OkCupid’s matching algorithm is really quite excellent. We matched at 93%!) We were able to embrace this and make a surprise into an adventure.

On a lighter note, I called my doc right away with the news. My gynecologist doesn’t have an on-site ultrasound tech, so when I went in to get the official tests, she needed to get me into another location for dating the ultrasound. She knew what I didn’t about my HCG levels, and really wanted me to get the ultrasound right away. I was resistant, though, because I wanted my partner to be there for and he wasn’t free for a few days. So, she told me she needed to make sure the pregnancy was in the right place — AHH — and that night I made an appointment for the next morning.

Side Note: I don’t think it was my doctor’s intention to make me spend the night googling ectopic pregnancies, but that’s what I did, and let me echo the warning you’ve probably already heard: stop googling scary things. Ask your doctor about them instead. If you MUST google, then DO NOT click on the discussion boards and STOP ASSUMING that your pregnancy will be the worst case scenario. Especially with twins, there are plenty of things to be worried about — so there are plenty of chances for you to take a deep breath and know that it’s unlikely your case is the worst, okay? We’re working on a list of the medical risks related to twin pregnancies, with basic info and statistics. Please don’t scare yourself by imagining the worst is inevitable, and please take the stats and basics to your doctor to discuss it there.

Anyway, back to getting our awesome news! When I went to the ultrasound, part of the basic medical history included the inevitable ‘how many pregnancies have you had?’ I had a miscarriage years ago, and the ultrasound tech was quite sensitive and gentle about it. She kept the screen of the machine facing away from me and definitely had her sympathy face ready. So when she smiled, I was so relieved I found myself smiling with her, knowing in my heart everything was okay.

She turned the screen to me. “Do you see this?” She asked, pointing to two little pulsing blobs at the bottom of the screen.

“What is it? It’s okay, right?”

Her smile widened fit to crack her face in two: “Sweetie, that’s two heartbeats.”

“Two? TWO?” I was practically leaping off the couch.

“You’re having twins.”

About Twinspecting Ultrasound

“I’m having twins! I’ve always wanted twins!” (I’m actually a fraternal twin myself) All the nerves and anxiety I’d been feeling about getting pregnant early in a relationship fell away. The voice in my head who was trying to convince me that this was too soon and we weren’t ready shut up. Most people will probably feel the reverse of this, so let me offer you a few of the things which popped up in my mind right away:

  • Two people to love!
  • Babies are like baby TV. When they’re big enough to look at each other, they’ll start entertaining each other more than singleton babies do!
  • When twins start talking, they can spend hours spinning stories together and playing amazing make-believe games… while you have time to cook dinner.
  • Twin babies can be quite comforting to each other when it comes to sleeping and sleep training. They aren’t always, but they can be.
  • Eep, what if there is one of each and we don’t need more kids to have a girl and a boy?!
  • Your family and/or friends will rally with fascination when they hear you’re having two. You’ll inevitably find somebody whose twins are a year or two older than yours in your network, and they’ll have great stuff!

Now, Dadspecting still knew nothing, and he was as nervous as I was, so my phone had been blowing up the entire time I was in the appointment. When I got to my car, I called and tried to just say, “Oh, everything’s fine!”

But he is a persistent person. “But why was it so urgent?”

Me: “Well, I think she just wanted to be clear about things. Let’s have dinner tonight, I’ll show you the pictures.”

Him: “But what was wrong?”

Me, unable to hold it in: “Well…it’s that there isn’t just one. There’s two.”

Him: “We’re having twins?!”


Dadspecting here!

Holy moly, twins! I had wrapped my head around us having one baby, but twins?! I’ve always wanted to be a father, and even though our pregnancy was unexpected, I was ready to embrace the journey in full once we initially found out.

Momspecting’s doctor had really scared us with the emergency ultrasound, so I was pretty nervous all day while she was at her appointment. When she told me everything was fine, I admittedly got a little misty-eyed. It was a moment I’ll never forget. And, as Momspecting already stated, I, for some reason needed to know right away why it was so urgent. When she said there was two, I was completely overjoyed! Until later that evening when we met up for dinner and I saw the ultrasound. Then it became a little realer, and being that she was is a twin, and I’m not, you can guess as to why I was having trouble wrapping my head around TWO babies.

By the next day I had calmed down a little and laughed a bit at what the universe had sent our way. I felt extremely lucky though, as out of anyone I’ve had a relationship with, I really was glad I was going to be on this journey with Momspecting. I knew she was going to be a great partner, and an even better Mom.

We’re glad to have you on Twinspecting, and wish you luck on your pregnancy journey. Please check out our blog.

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