There are a million baby registry websites out there, and you will most likely be getting very strong opinions from your friends, coworkers, and even strangers as to which is the best baby registry (a common theme throughout your pregnancy, concerning all of your decisions). Well, here’s my chance to tell you my opinion (ha!), and like many things online shopping related, Amazon takes the cake with their Baby Registry. Here’s why:

1. Not Everything Needs to be New

One of the biggest expenses of buying baby items is buying BRAND NEW baby items. There are so many things that do not need to be fresh out of the box and this is where the Amazon Baby Registry starts to stand above the rest. Your friends and family can actually purchase a used product that isn’t even on Amazon, and still mark the item as bought on your Amazon registry. A quick search on Craigslist or a trip to a baby consignment shop for items like strollers or baby carriers can save your friends and family hundreds of dollars. Encouraging them to do so will most likely result in you getting all the items you listed on your registry, which brand-spanking new or not, is a win for everyone! Just make sure they mark the item off your registry so you don’t get duplicate gifts.

2. The Thank You List Will Save Your Life

At you baby shower (or showers if you’re super lucky like we were), you’ll most likely have someone write down the names of everyone who gave you something so you can send them a thank you card. But that person, as kind as they are, will inevitably write someone’s name down wrong or miss a few gifts. AND you’ll also wind up getting plenty of packages in the mail from people who couldn’t make your shower. Fortunately, the Amazon Thank You List includes the giver’s address (so helpful for mailing notes) as well as what they bought, and you can sort the list by when the gift was purchased as well as whether you’ve already sent a thank you note. (Use this feature. Avoid sending multiple notes. It’s embarrassing. I should know. I did it.)

3. The suggested additions are useful.

Whatever algorithm Amazon uses to figure out what else you are likely to want was developed by some geniuses, and it’s very easy to use.

4. The registry is sorted into categories

This really helps with pregnancy-brain forgetfulness. I think I would have forgotten about baby activity gyms altogether if not for the Gear category. Not to mention carriers. And a bathtub. With an infant sling.

5. You Can Review Items As You Go

Amazon shoppers tend to be great at leaving invaluable reviews, which will help you make choices on products you’ve yet to see in person or haven’t had the chance to research.

6. Mark Items by Priority

You can decide which items are most important to you, making it easier for your friends and family to choose what they’d like to get you.

7. You Can Get a Completion Discount!

If you use the registry for everything, when you’ve registered for all the things you need you’ll ‘complete’ the registry and get a discount off the items you wind up purchasing yourself. I used multiple registries and I already had some items, like a crib, so my registry never achieved this much-vaunted discount… but I wish I had!

8. Save 20% on Diapers With Amazon Prime

If you’re still not convinced, the full power of Amazon and it’s other products should convince you that this is the best baby registry out there. You’ll be needing lots of things on the regular as a new parent, so in addition to an Amazon Baby Registry, an Amazon Prime membership will be worth it’s weight in gold too! You can save 20% if you subscribe to diapers and Prime offers a 10% discount on everything you buy if you subscribe to 5 items on a monthly basis. Useful!

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